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‘Virtually Yours’ Returns with Natasha Omokhodion

‘Virtually Yours’ Returns with Natasha Omokhodion


Following the success of its first three virtual gatherings, with Niq Mhlongo (South Africa), Jennifer N. Makumbi (Uganda), and  Tendai Huchu (Zimbabwe) respectively, Virtually Yours is set to return on Saturday the 13th of March 2021, with Goethe Medal recipient Zukiswa Wanner reprising her role as the host and discussion moderator, while Zambian author Natasha Omokhodion-Kalulu Banda will be joining the online event as its latest guest and featured author, with her book No Be From Hia forming the basis of the gathering’s discussion.

For those who don’t know, Virtually Yours is a series of online discussion sessions, during which contemporary African literature is explored. The last quarter of 2020 saw three virtual gatherings take place in October (with Niq Mhlongo), November (with Jennifer N. Makumbi), and December (with Tendai Huchu).

The official blurb for Natasha Omokhodion-Kalulu Banda’s No Be From Hia reads:

A homecoming tale of a family brought together by migration and torn apart by tragedy and secrets. In a search for identity, love and acceptance two ordinary girls travel from London to Lusaka to Lagos in order to save their family and discover their destiny.

Meet the Ayomides and the Kombes, Zambian-Nigerian-Jamaican powerhouse families brought together during the post-colonial migration of the 1960’s to the UK – and later separated by death, divorce and betrayal. Scattered between London, Lusaka, and Lagos, only the new generation can save this family.

Maggie Ayomide and Bupe Kombe are cousins on either side of the world who couldn’t be more different. Zambian-Nigerian and Zambian-Jamaican, both yearn for their disbanded family to reunite. When Bupe leaves Brixton to go to secondary school in Zambia, she brings light and disorder to Maggie’s world. However, the girls are hindered by dark family secrets such as the mysterious death of their late grandmother, and Maggie’s missing Nigerian father.

From the blazing streets of Brixton riots to multi-party elections in Zambia, glitzy Independence Day celebrations, and adventurous nightclubs in Lagos, this heartwarming story breathes life into the modern-day result of postcolonial Africa and 20th Century migration as it follows two ordinary girls trying to find their identity and reunite their family.

To register your interest in this event, send your name and mobile number to with “Virtually Yours” as the subject of the email.

Virtually Yours is hosted by Goethe Institut Namibia, and this coming session will run from 15:00 till 17:00 CAT. Also, five books will be given away to five lucky readers, so, book your free ticket for the online event as soon as you can.

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