‘Libertie’ by Kaitlyn Greenidge

A review of Kaitlyn Greenidge’s novel ‘Libertie’.

‘The Bread the Devil Knead’ by Lisa Allen-Agostini

A review of Lisa Allen-Agostini’s novel ‘The Bread the Devil Knead’.

10 African Inspired Speculative Fiction Books

A curated list of 10 contemporary works of African inspired speculative fiction


A call to the past from the present - with a view to the future

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10 Memoirs and Autobiographies Written by Africans

10 Impactful, Inspirational, and Must-Read Autobiographies and Memoirs that were written by Africans.

‘This Is Not Au Revoir’ by Zukiswa Wanner

Review of the short story ‘This is Not Au Revoir’ by Zukiswa Wanner

‘Radiance of Tomorrow’ by Ishmael Beah

Book Review of Ishmael Beah’s first novel ‘Radiance of Tomorrow’

‘Adua’ by Igiaba Scego

Book Review of Igiaba Scego’s novel ‘Adua’.

‘The Old Drift’ by Namwali Serpell

Book Review of ‘The Old Drift’ by Namwali Serpell.

10 Books Inspired by African Oral Traditions

A recommendation of 10 Books that were inspired, to varying degrees, by African Oral Traditions