In line with our desire to appeal to as wide a range of audiences as possible, and to be a readers’ platform of choice when it comes to African literary arts, Literandra is open to submissions of articles intended for publication on our blog, main site, or other print publications.

For now, articles that fall within either of the following categories are most likely to be considered and ultimately featured by us:

  1. Book Reviews
  2. Essays
  3. Photography (Photo Essays)
  4. Poetry
  5. Reading Lists (Thematic Book Recommendations)
  6. Short Fiction

In spite of the aforementioned, our team of editorial volunteers are quite open and willing to discuss any potential submissions or ideas that may not necessarily fall within either of the categories mentioned above. To speak to one of us, please send an email to

Regardless of form, we are mostly interested in submissions that are relevant to aspects of the African context – be that contemporary, historical, or speculative. We are also open to submissions from contributors who reside anywhere in the world, and we do not expect our contributors to have academic backgrounds nor do they need to be affiliated in any way to academic institutions. 

With that said, we expect our contributors (especially those submitting academic essays) to do all the necessary due diligence and ensure that any idea that is presented as a fact is backed by relevant research. All in all, we recommend that even the most technical of pieces be written in a way that is accessible and easily comprehensible to the general reader.

Upon receipt, we shall confirm our acceptance (or rejection) of submissions as soon as we can, and reserve the right to amend submitted pieces as required. In either case, we will communicate directly to the contributor using the contact information provided. 

Lastly, Literandra is a non-profit literary platform, and all of us here are working as volunteers. As such, while we understand the need to remunerate our contributors (and continue to strive towards a future where that becomes the norm), we are – unfortunately – not yet in the financial position to pay our contributors for their pieces.

Thank you for your understanding, but most of all, for your interest in contributing to our platform.

Note: Before making a submission, please read our high-level guidelines as well as our more detailed style guide, to ensure that your submission meets our requirements.