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Call For Manuscript Submissions

Call For Manuscript Submissions


The Nigerian Publisher, Masobe, has released a Call for Submissions of Manuscripts and thus shown that they’re always on the lookout for the latest literary voices in African fiction.

They have already published established authors like Abubakar Adam Ibrahim or Chimeka Garricks, and are now giving others the chance to be published by them, too.

Below are the details from the Press Release:

At Masobe HQ, we are always on the lookout for new talent, writers with fresh and original voices/perspectives who tell stories that hum with emotional truth, stories that uniquely explore the human condition as well as stories that entertain.
We are currently accepting fiction (novel and short story) manuscripts. So if you are a storyteller or know someone you think tells the most magical and fantastical stories, you are welcome to show us what you got.
To send your work please visit our website or go through the following guidelines.

Guidelines for Submissions:

To submit your work, fill the manuscript submission form in the Submissions page. Note that only ONE submission per writer is allowed. Multiple submissions may lead to disqualification.

• Attach a one-page synopsis of the work you are submitting in Microsoft Word.
Please include all major plot points in your synopsis, including spoilers, and especially the end.

• Attach a sample of the work in question. This should be the first 3 chapters or first 3 stories of your manuscript in Microsoft Word.

Send your manuscript sample in double-spaced, indented paragraph, left-justified only.

We prefer Courier New font type with a font size of 12pt.”

Masobe Books is not accepting unsolicited poetry submissions or plays at this time. Unsolicited submissions sent to other Masobe email addresses may be overlooked.

Hard copy submissions will not be acknowledged or returned.

Good luck!

For more information, please contact: Theresa Egware at 07018383286, email: or visit the Masobe Books website.

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