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‘His Only Wife’ by Peace Adzo Medie

‘His Only Wife’ by Peace Adzo Medie

That’s true, but if you think about it, every marriage is a gamble, even if you’ve known the person your entire life. That’s why there are so many divorces. But I really don’t think you should worry about this. I’ve never heard anyone in this town speak ill of your husband; people only have nice things to say about him. Even my father who doesn’t say anything nice about anyone.

In His Only Wife, we are introduced to Afi and her life in marriage. She marries Eli to save him from an ‘evil’ woman and to make her family happy. Her marriage to Eli brings her everything she has ever wanted for herself and her mother, but at the same time, robs her of joy and peace. Between trying to keep her marriage intact and dealing with toxic family members and in-laws, Afi makes a shocking discovery…

His Only Wife is written from a first person point of view and in a descriptive form, which makes it all the more enjoyable to read. It is also fast-paced, hooking the reader right from the first sentence. The character development in His Only Wife is amazing, especially when it comes to the protagonist Afi. She grows from the girl who would do anything to be approved of, into a woman who stands up for herself and her happiness, even if it means being the subject of hate of an entire family. The plot twists are bound to make the reader angry, not because they were badly coined, but because the story becomes so relatable and one strongly feels that some people just deserve better.

His Only Wife explores many themes such as polygamy, infidelity, poverty and toxic relationships that are not hard to come by in our communities. This book definitely deserves all the five star ratings and recommendations it has been receiving. Peace Adzo Medie has created a masterpiece!

*Thank you, Parresia, for the free digital copy of this book.

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