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Doek: An Independent Arts Organisation in Namibia

Doek: An Independent Arts Organisation in Namibia


Namibian writer and Caine Prize nominee Rémy Ngamije has kicked off the new year with the announcement of the creation of Doek – an independent arts organisation in Namibia.

Not to be confused with Doek! – a Namibian literary magazine of the same name (also founded by Rémy), Doek has been in conception since March of 2020, and is an ambitious organisation that will look to support the literary arts and its practitioners: writers, poets, and visual artists in Namibia (and, eventually, Africa).

According to Rémy, Doek was inspired by the words of the late Namibian visual artist John Muafangejo (5 Oct 1943—27 Nov 1987): ‘Hope and optimism in spite of present difficulties.’ and the following statement has been released following the announcement of Doek’s incorporation:

‘Guided by an artistic spirit, Doek’s work focuses on the literary arts and seeks to build a locally adapted, socially responsible, and transparent model for arts funding in Namibia. While Doek’s primary mandate is supporting the literary arts in the country, it also seeks to connect Namibian storytellers with their counterparts on the continent and in the African diaspora.

Doek currently produces Doek! Literary Magazine—Namibia’s first and only literary magazine. In February 2021 it will host its first workshops focusing on fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Future projects include the awarding of periodic recognitions to Namibian writers, poets, and visual artists; organising literary festivals; hosting residencies; establishing an arts centre; and creating an endowment fund for the literary arts in Namibia.

Founded by Rémy Ngamije, a Namibian author and photographer, Doek consists of the Doek Arts Trust and Doek Arts CC.

The Doek Arts Trust’s patron is the Honourable Justice David Smuts, a judge of the Namibian Supreme Court, notable human rights activist, lawyer, and author. Its trustees are Jakobus De Klerk (treasurer), Bonita De Silva, Cara Mia Dunaiski (secretary), Rémy Ngamije (chairperson), Louis Kato Kiggundu, and Heike Scholtz. Doek Arts CC is administrated by Rémy Ngamije.

Continuously inspired by Namibia’s history, its promising future, its resilient people, and its diverse cultures, languages, and landscapes, Doek is committed to bringing hope and optimism to Namibians and Africans in spite of past, present, and future difficulties.’

All of us at Literandra wish Rémy (and everyone at Doek) nothing but the very best for the future, which starts now.

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