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Creative Writing Masterclass with Prof. Chigozie Obioma

Creative Writing Masterclass with Prof. Chigozie Obioma


Nigerian author and two-time Booker Prize shortlistee Chigozie Obioma is partnering with Osiri University to give a Creative Writing Masterclass on the theme Believable Fiction: How Characters Shape Stories. For those who don’t know, Osiri University is an Africa-focused university based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. and Chigozie Obioma, who himself is an Associate Professor of English, had the following to say in a statement:

It is a delight to offer this masterclass. The focus will be on Creative Writing Masterclass titled: Believable Fiction: How Characters Shape Stories.

I have often said that the best fiction, to my mind, is whose plot is primarily emergent from character. Thus, this class will focus very much on character-driven stories and how to make them effective. It will be a mix of craft talks and focused discussions on various elements of characterisation and storytelling. To achieve this, I will assign different materials for us to read in order to better understand craft and techniques. And in response to these readings, we will do some practice exercises. At the end of the session, we will have a workshop for the stories written by the participants.

Masterclass Structure: We will meet in 3 Sessions (workshops) in the month of March (on Saturdays). The times are yet to be determined.

Workshop Pattern: The workshop pattern will mostly be consistent. During the first part of the class (the “craft session”), we will talk about craft for about thirty (30) minutes, and then do some writing tasks for the remainder of each class period. The first two workshops in March will each last for 1 hour 30 minutes. The third and final session, will be 2 hours. Students will discuss the stories of the participants with an eye to helping the writers take their work to the best possible place.

Application Procedures: This masterclass is offered free as part of our mission at Africa’s first indigenous-system university with the goal of helping writers from the continent and the diaspora gain the necessary skills for effective storytelling. Thus, because it is being offered at no cost, we will only be taking 10 students from the pool of applicants.

As stated above, the workshops will be taking place in March, and its attendees will be selected by the 10th of February, so feel free to share this to anyone who may be interested while the opportunity remains open.

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