Oiza Cavallari

Oiza Cavallari

Oiza Cavallari is an Italy-based avid reader who loves to read almost every genre. While working as a health care provider, in her spare time, if not reading, you will find her curating music playlists, experimenting with new recipes, learning a new language, and binge watching movie series.

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‘African Europeans’ by Olivette Otele

A Review of ‘African Europeans’ by Olivette Otele.

‘The Bread the Devil Knead’ by Lisa Allen-Agostini

A review of Lisa Allen-Agostini’s novel ‘The Bread the Devil Knead’.

‘We Are All Birds Of Uganda’ by Hafsa Zayyan

A review of Hafsa Zayyan’s debut novel ‘We are all Birds of Uganda’

‘The Day I Fell Off My Island’ by Yvonne Bailey-Smith

A review of Yvonne Bailey-Smith’s novel ‘The Day I Fell Off My Island’.