Alessandra Bassey

Dr Alessandra Bassey is a founding editor at Literandra. She is a published researcher, lecturer, and writer. She specialises in Shakespeare drama, issues of race in performance, and inclusive representation in the literary canon. She holds a PhD from King’s College London, and has presented her work in multiple conferences around the world. She has been published in various academic journals, and has a book chapter forthcoming in 'Theatres of War: A Contemporary Perspective', published by Bloomsbury. She is particularly passionate about African Literature and its inclusion in university and school curricula.

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‘Ogadinma’ by Ukamaka Olisakwe

Book Review of ‘Ogadinma’ by Ukamaka Olisakwe.

‘Adua’ by Igiaba Scego

Book Review of Igiaba Scego’s novel ‘Adua’.

‘The Old Drift’ by Namwali Serpell

Book Review of ‘The Old Drift’ by Namwali Serpell.

‘The Gilded Ones’ by Namina Forna

Book Review of Namina Forna’s YA debut ‘The Gilded Ones’

‘The Girl with the Louding Voice’ by Abi Daré

Review of Abi Daré’s touching novel ‘The Girl With the Louding Voice’

‘Conjure Women’ by Afia Atakora

Review of Afia Atakora’s debut novel ‘Conjure Women’.

‘The Famished Road’ by Ben Okri

Review of Ben Okri’s ‘The Famished Road’, the first book in a trilogy that includes ‘Songs of Enchantment’ and ‘Infinite Riches’.

‘The Shadow King’ by Maaza Mengiste

Maaza Mengiste’s homage to the women who fought in the 1935 war against Italy.

‘An Act of Defiance’ by Irene Sabatini

Literandra Review of Irene Sabatini’s forthcoming novel ‘An Act of Defiance’.

‘The Girl With the Hazel Eyes’ by Callie Browning

Book Review of Callie Browning’s debut novel ‘The Girl With the Hazel Eyes’

‘Silence Is My Mother Tongue’ by Sulaiman Addonia

‘But I carry history in my blood’ (‘Silence Is My Mother Tongue’).

‘Elsewhere, Home’ by Leila Aboulela

Review of Leila Aboulela’s short story collection, exploring notions of migration, belonging and ‘home’.