Adeyele Adeniran

Adeyele Adeniran is a Nigerian poet, creative writer, and feminist who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Her poetry and storytelling are greatly inspired by her part as a spectator in a world filled with humanity and chaos. Besides writing, she loves to get lost in her imagination, enjoys music that makes her feel like a rockstar, loves to have a good time and a great laugh with people who make her happy. She studies History and Strategic Studies at the University of Lagos. Her works have been published in Kalahari Review, The Young African Poets Anthology, African Writers, Lit Up, LitQuarterly, NoteWorthy, Resistance Poetry, and forthcoming in the Women’s Peace Magazine. She hopes to be a voice and influence of change.

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Kindness Is A Type of Killer

A poem about the love and kindness of a giver, who keeps on giving even when there's nothing left to give

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