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African Women’s Stories: A Call For Submissions

African Women’s Stories: A Call For Submissions


The Library of Africa and the African Diaspora, based in Accra and founded by literary visionary Sylvia Arthur has put out a call for submissions for a one-of-a-kind oral archiving project.

In their official Press Release they explain that:

‘The Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD) is calling on women African Literature enthusiasts from the African continent to submit a five (5) minute audio recording of themselves reading an extract from their favourite book by an African woman writer from their country.  The submissions will form part of LOATAD’s new oral archive, which is dedicated to spotlighting African women stories on the continent. To participate and represent your country, visit

The new oral archive, The LOATAD Oral Archive of African Women’s Stories (LOAAWS) Project, seeks to digitally preserve African women’s stories, both oral and written. It is divided into two parts: Women Reading Women (WRW) and Women Speaking Women (WSW), which is funded through the Library Conversations grant from the Goethe-Institut of Ghana.

Women Reading Women (WRW) involves an open call for submissions of 5 minute-length audio recordings of African women reading extracts from their favourite African woman writer from their country while Women Speaking Women (WSP) consists of the collection of Ghanaian myths, legends, and folktales about Ghanaian women through interviews with women along the coastal regions of Ghana.

LOAAWS aims to bridge the gap between the oral and the written aspects of storytelling as well as celebrating the agential roles of African women of all ages in the telling and preservation of African stories. At LOATAD, we believe that the myriad stories of African women form a canvas on which the African continent is seen and heard, and this new oral archive will help realise this.

For more information on the new oral archive visit or contact Fauzi Moro, the Project Coordinator at ‘

Please consider supporting LOATAD in this amazing endeavour.

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