n our latest Spotlite exclusive interview, Olúmìdé Pópóọlá talks to Alessandra about her most recent novel ‘When We Speak of Nothing’.

Olúmìdé is a London-based Nigerian-German author, and ‘When We Speak of Nothing’ was described in The Financial Times as “a satisfying and perceptive examination of the emergence of the whole person against the odds posed by a constricting society”. In this conversation, Olúmìdé talks about how she came into writing, the story behind ‘When We Speak of Nothing’, and what led to that being the name of the book.

She goes on to discuss the nature of Abu’s relationship with Karl, how her time at a local community centre inspired that arc of the plot, and how the time she has spent in Nigeria, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK has shaped her personal experiences. This interview is made up of 2 segments, both of which are now available online. So don’t forget to visit the channel for the remaining interview segments.

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