Literandra #CoffeeReads June

ello everyone! I hope you are all well and have had a fabulous and productive June! With this post I’m trying out something new based on the response I’ve received to my (almost) daily #CoffeeReads on my InstaStories.

What are #CoffeeReads? Well, I like starting my day with a cup (or two) of coffee and articles to read on my phone / laptop, and coffee reads are those articles that I read over coffee. Simple! I like visiting my favourite Blogs such as Brittle Paper or African Book Addict, but I also like reading articles from The Guardian, Al Jazeera, or The New York Times.

So here is the compilation of this month’s #CoffeeReads, I hope you enjoy the articles, and if you have any recommendations for my daily reads over coffee, hit me up in the comments!  Also, if you like this post, let me know, and I’ll do monthly #CoffeeReads roundup for you.


Racist Attacks in Italy: ‘The problem did not start today’

EU Deeply Divided over Migration as Key Summit Nears

Spain: Almost 800 refugees rescued off southern coast

Nigerians coping with food shortage after Boko Haram attacks

Cameroon is Burning! Images you’re not meant to see.






‘Colour was too sweet for apartheid’: the austere genius of David Goldblatt

Thank You for Reading!

Do you like reading over coffee or tea in the morning or during your commute?