LIBRERIA PODCAST: Alessandra with Jennifer N. Makumbi and Sylvia Arthur

s we celebrate US Black History Month with our friends and authors in the United States, we are also looking back to UK Black History Month in October 2019, during which we organised two events in honour of Libreria Ghana.

Our first event, titled ‘Black Literary History – An African Perspective’ took place at Libreria London, with Jennifer N. Makumbi (author of ‘Kintu’, Manchester Happened’), Inua Ellams (playwright and author of ‘The Half God of Rainfall’), and Sylvia Arthur (founder of Libreria Ghana).

Before the panel discussion, which took place in the beautiful and intimate space of the Libreria London bookshop, I was joined by Jennifer N. Makumbi and Sylvia Arthur for an episode of the Libreria podcast, hosted by Paddy Butler.

Both Jennifer N. Makumbi and Sylvia Arthur spoke at length to me about the role and importance of African literature, why it is time for African authors to stop writing for the West, the stereotyping of ‘Africanness’, the hurdles Jennifer N. Makumbi faced while trying to publish her hugely popular book ‘Kintu’, and more.

You can listen to the final cut of the podcast episode here: