5 Books from Cameroon that You Should Add to Your Reading Lists

hen one thinks of ‘African Literature’, Cameroon isn’t a country that usually jumps to mind at first thought. We tend to think of countries like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and sometimes, even America (don’t believe me? type ‘African Authors 2020’ on a google search engine and see what comes up first), but this post is dedicated to books written by Cameroonian authors and it is our hope that after reading this, you’ll make a conscious decision to read at least one book from Cameroon this year.

The Cameroonian publisher Bakwa Books recently launched the Bakwa Literary Festival on Instagram, which consists of almost a week-long series of Instagram Live sessions, featuring writers from Cameroon. The sessions were both in English and in French, and have attracted attention from people across the African literary community (online) and beyond.

Since we’re trying to read books from as many African countries as possible, we’re always grateful to be reminded of the complexity and variety of literature(s) that come out of the continent’s countries.

The Bakwa Literary Festival has inspired us to look into contemporary literature from Cameroon, which has led to us finding a whole bunch of books that have now been added to our never-ending reading list. Our top-five, the ones we’re most excited about, are listed below.

We hope you’ll feel inspired to read the wide variety of literature(s) emanating from the African continent, and will enjoy reading some, if not all, of the books listed below. Feel free to share this list with your friends on social media, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@literandra_) if you end up reading any of our recommendations.

Happy Reading!